We spend every day doing just what our mission statement says:

Inspiring charitable giving,

building resources for the future,

and connecting donors who care with causes that matter. 

Those aren’t just words. It’s what we do. 

And we do it with a focus on Cobb.


We are inspiring charitable giving.

Every day we see the impact being made by non-profits serving our community, and we are inspired. Every day we share their stories with individuals and organizations, many of whom have entrusted their charitable dollars to us, and they are inspired to give. 

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We are building resources for the future.

Every day we are reaching out to our community’s leaders and to people just like you about the need to save for our community’s future. The Cobb Community Impact Fund, other community funds and endowments were all created just for this purpose, to build resources for the future. 

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We connect donors who care with causes that matter.

Every day we introduce donors to non-profits they have never heard of providing services they had no idea were needed. We let people know about our community’s needs and the non-profits doing something about them, and we connect them.

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