We have four goals when it comes to our relationships with advisors.

  1. To provide you with effective solutions for your clients
  2. To make it easy for you to present those solutions
  3. To exceed your expectations
  4. To exceed your client’s expectations


We’ve gathered in this one place everything we think you might need.

We are Cobb Community Foundation, Inc. and our EIN is 20-5652970.


Overviews and Information

Cobb Community Foundation Snapshot

2021 Giving Fund Overview

2021 Year-End Giving

Gift Acceptance Policy

Fund Investments Options


Fund Agreements and Fee Schedules

Donor Advised Fund (Giving Fund) 

Donor Advised Fund Agreement

Donor Advised Fund Agreement for an Organization

Donor Advised Fund Fee Schedule


Scholarship, Field of Interest and Unrestricted Fund Agreements and Schedule

Scholarship Fund Agreement

Scholarship Fund Agreement for an Organization

Scholarship Fund Guide

Field of Interest Fund Agreement

Field of Interest Fund Agreement for an Organization

Field of Interest Fund Administrative Fee Schedule 

Unrestricted Fund Agreement

Scholarship and Unrestricted Fund Administrative Fee Schedule

Scholarship and Unrestricted Fund Service Levels


Agency and Designated Fund Agreements and Schedule

Agency Fund Agreement for a Charitable Organization

Designated Fund Agreement

Designated Fund Agreement for an Organization

Agency and Designated Fund Administrative Fee Schedule


Need something else?   Please contact Barbara Garner, Donor Services Manager at Barbara@cobbfoundation.org or 770-859-2359 to schedule a meeting or to find out how we can help you and your clients.