Be inspired by the work being done by non-profit organizations in our community.

Many non-profit organizations have established Agency Funds, partnering with us to help manage some of their reserves or endowment, to make giving easy for donors, and to help share their story.

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Be inspired to make a significant contribution to an organization.

Some of our donors have been so inspired by a particular non-profit organization that they have created a Designated Fund to provide for its on-going support as well as to provide a vehicle for others to provide support also.

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Be inspired to support the work being done in a particular field of interest.

Some donors are inspired by a specific cause or field of interest and have created a Field of Interest Fund to support that causal area and to make it easy for others to do the same.

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Be inspired to help deserving students and adults returning to school to pursue their education or vocation.

Many companies, organizations and individuals are making a direct impact on someone’s ability to pursue education or acquire specific job skills by establishing a Scholarship Fund.

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Be ready to be inspired.

Sometimes the opportunity to give doesn’t coincide with any particular inspiration.  A Giving Fund can be the perfect solution.


Are you inspired? Let us help you.

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