Who do you want to help? The answer to this question help determine the type of fund best suited to you. Do you want the flexibility of giving to any charitable organization anywhere, any time and in any amount? Or, is there a particular charity you want to support? Perhaps there is a particular cause that you are passionate about? Let’s create the fund that makes the difference you want to create.


I want to support…

Different causes and charitable organizations that are meaningful to me.

Giving Funds (also known as “Donor-Advised Funds”) allow you to be actively involved in your charitable giving. You recommend the charitable organizations to receive grants, and we do the due diligence and paperwork. Donors often view this type of fund as a charitable checking or investment account, using their Giving Fund to support their favorite charities on an on-going basis or as needs arise.

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I want to support…

Educational or vocational opportunities for employees and their families, students in a particular geographic area, or prospective students seeking to attend a particular school or pursue a particular vocation.

Scholarship Funds allow you to make a direct impact on someone’s ability to pursue education or acquire specific job skills, and in doing so, you make a direct impact on his or her future. You can establish eligibility and selection criteria and even participate in the selection process. As with many types of funds, a Scholarship Fund may or may not be endowed. Read a Scholarship Fund story.


I want to support…

A specific charitable organization that is important to me.

Designated Funds provide for annual support to a designated charitable organization that you specify. If for any reason, the nonprofit ceases to exist or the mission changes from the original cause, Cobb Community Foundation protects your original intentions in selecting a replacement organization.

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I want to support…

A particular cause that I care about.

Field of Interest Funds support a specific cause, program or geographic area of importance to you. You choose whether or not you would like to be a part of the grant-making process. A Field of Interest Fund may be endowed or free from any restrictions on timing and amounts of grants. Read a Field of Interest Fund story.


I want to support…

Whatever issues are of the greatest concern to the community at any particular point in time.

Unrestricted Funds are able to respond to the most pressing needs of the community. Like a Field of Interest Fund, you choose whether or not you would like to participate in the committee-driven grant-making process. Unrestricted Funds are often created as part of an estate plan. A simple alternative to creating your own Unrestricted Fund is a gift to the Cobb Community Impact Fund or Impact Endowment. These funds leverage the power of collective giving and allow us to respond to the changing needs of our community. Learn more.


All funds other than Giving Funds can be created as an endowment, providing a gift that lasts forever.

Let us help you find the right giving vehicle for you.  Contact us at CCFTeam@cobbfoundation.org or 770-859-2366.