Donor Advised Funds (what we call “Giving Funds”) allow you to make a charitable gift now then decide later the organizations you’d like to help. When that time comes, recommend your grant through our online portal, DonorView, or simply call us.  We handle the rest. With DonorView, you can check on your fund’s balance, the status of any pending contributions or grants and your contribution and grant history.

Some of our fundholders involve future generations in their giving decisions as a way to teach them the importance of giving. Others are building up their funds so that when their income declines upon retirement, they can continue to support their favorite charitable organizations at the same level.  Some fundholders just like the fact that they no longer have to keep track of multiple charitable gift acknowledgment letters and enjoy the simplified recordkeeping.

The Giving Fund is ideal for the “bunching” of charitable contributions that many CPAs are encouraging under the new tax law. It can also be ideal for those in these circumstances.

  • Retiring and recognizing deferred income
  • Exercising stock options
  • Anticipating a sale of real estate or a business
  • Wanting to diversify a concentration of a low basis asset
  • Companies and organizations wanting to promote giving among its employees or members

Make the giving process easy with Cobb Community Foundation.

To begin the process of opening a Donor Advised Fund as an individual, click here.

If you represent an organization, refer to our Donor Advised Fund Agreement for Organizations here.

Read our Giving Fund FAQs or contact us for more information on how to set up your Giving Fund.