At CCF, we have the expertise to help you make your biggest impact. We have the systems and tools to simplify your giving. We provide professional investment management to grow your charitable resources, and we are audited annually to ensure your peace of mind.

Our various charitable fund options allow you to be strategic, purposeful and impactful while simultaneously simplifying your giving at the same time. Learn more about ways we can help you make your impact.


How Donor Advised Funds Work


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Our donors are individuals, families, organizations and companies who want to make a difference.  

  • The charitably minded person who has dollars to give but doesn’t know who to give the dollars to
  • The parents who want to teach their children about giving back
  • The entrepreneur who believes in paying his civic rent


Some donors are interested in a specific cause or charity.  

  • A mother who wants to prevent others from experiencing the grief of losing a child to addiction
  • A group of friends who decided every child needs a coat
  • The man or woman who chooses to help fund one-time needs
  • A retiree who wants to help his favorite charity…forever


Our corporate donors also vary in size and purpose. 

  • A family-owned company that wants to help fund the education of employees’ children
  • A service organization that makes sure the average student can go to college


These are just a few of our donors. Some of them started their funds with just $5,000.