In light of the challenges that have arisen and will continue to arise from the current pandemic, we have shifted our focus in 2020 from opportunity and impact grants to providing flexible resources to non-profit organizations serving Cobb and meeting critical needs either arising from or exacerbated by the novel coronavirus.  Our goal is to expand local capacity by supporting the nonprofits helping individuals and families experiencing hardship because of the outbreak, related closures and disruptions. Unfortunately, funds are extremely limited.

Instead of accepting applications, through video conferences, conference calls and numerous emails, we are keeping our fingers on the pulse of our community: both its needs and who is doing what to serve them.  Jointly with Cobb Collaborative and United Way of Greater Atlanta’s NW Region, we are proactively seeking guidance from community partners as well as using collected data to determine funding recipients and are awarding grants where we believe they can have the broadest and most immediate impact. We truly wish we could make grants to every non-profit providing key services right now, but funds are limited. Any non-profit primarily serving Cobb County is welcome to reach out to any of the three organizations to ensure awareness of the organization’s needs and services.



In 2019, to ensure that we were deploying these dollars to make the greatest difference in the County, we engaged Georgia Center for Nonprofits to perform an assessment of Cobb’s needs, to map our non-profits, and to identify our gaps. With that information, our community grant-making shifted from being general in nature to being based on hard data and focused on the community’s greatest needs.

Cobb Community Opportunity Grants are designed to support those organizations who are providing the human services that are most needed to the areas of Cobb where they are most lacking. These grants will be available for funding for general operations, specific programs or projects, as well as tools and training for non-profit sustainability and partnership development.  The total amount awarded each year, as well as the size and number of grants, is a function of the dollars raised.  The next grant cycle was scheduled to open in the summer of 2020 with grants being awarded in August; however, in light of the COVID-19 crisis, Cobb Community Foundation has shifted its grant-making focus to assist those most impacted by the novel coronavirus.



In 2014, our former Executive Director Mayor Tommy Allegood worked closely with the Cobb Board of Commissioners to create a mechanism for encouraging the creation of new programs and the expansion of existing ones where a relatively small investment could make a significant impact. Between 2015 and 2017, the County made available $820,000 for the Cobb Community Impact Grants. Private and corporate donors provided $936,795 in matching dollars, and nearly 325,000 Cobb residents were impacted in some form or another.

County funding for the grants was discontinued after 2017, and in 2018, Cobb Community Foundation focused on fundraising for future grants. As a result of the generosity of our community, on April 26, 2019 we awarded $100,000 in Cobb Community Impact Grants ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 each. As in prior years, these grants were awarded for the creation of new programs and the expansion of existing programs that improve quality of life in the county.

Congratulations to some of the 2019 Impact Grant Recipients for 2019 pictured below!