Program Overview

Through our Investment Partner Program, qualifying investment firms are engaged by Cobb Community Foundation (CCF) to manage, in a single account, all assets held in their clients’ charitable funds at CCF. The investment firm manages the assets collectively while we maintain and track each fund separately. A minimum of $100,000 in collective charitable funds are required to participate in the Investment Partner Program, and a collective fund balance of $250,000 must be reached within 24 months.

For your clients, creating their new fund at CCF is as simple as completing a form. They can contribute securities, cash or other assets acceptable to CCF, or they can grant assets from a private foundation or a donor-advised fund (DAF) held elsewhere.

Download our Investment Partner Program Package for details or our Investment Partner Program Overview for a recap of the information below.



  • Strategic giving that can make a long-term impact
  • Informed giving that is guided by the desires of your client, the needs of the community, and the knowledge of nonprofits addressing the issues most important to that client
  • Maximized giving that utilizes the assets and the techniques that provide the greatest leverage for their charitable dollars
  • Purposeful giving focused on your client’s objectives
  • Legacy-building giving involving more than just one generation, creating an impact beyond just one generation
  • Easy giving that can be done online, with an email or a simple phone call



  • A local partner who wants to share with you extensive charitable planning and legacy building expertise
  • A local partner who is deeply entrenched in Cobb and its immediately surrounding communities, the
  • culture, the needs, and the organizations meeting those needs
  • A local partner who wants to help you provide more value to and deepen your relationship with
  • your clients and their families
  • A local partner who is committed to helping charitably-minded professional advisors thrive



  • Legal and regulatory status as an RIA; an IAR-operated affiliate of an RIA; or a bank or trust company
  • Client base inclusive of clients who reside or operate a business in Cobb County
  • Minimum of $100 million in assets under management
  • Minimum 10 years in business
  • Minimum 15 years average investment management experience among key employees
  • Investment process consistent with CCF’s Investment Policy Statement


Discover how Cobb Community Foundation can support your clients’ charitable goals. For more information, contact us at or call 770.859.2366.