The History

In 2019, Cobb Community Foundation, in partnership with the United Way of Greater Atlanta and the Cobb Collaborative, engaged the Georgia Center for Nonprofits to assess the human services needs in Cobb County, to identify and map the nonprofits delivering services to help meet these needs, and to identify any material gaps.


The Sponsors

The following companies, individuals and organizations recognized the need and potential impact of the information to be gathered and quickly offered to fund the initiative.

WellStar  *  Steve Imler  *  S.A. White Oil Company

United Way for Greater Atlanta  *  Georgia Power  *  E. Smith Heating and Air

Kiwanis Club of Marietta – Business and Public Affairs Committee


The Process

In addition to extensive data analysis of over fifty different sources, GCN’s process included a survey offered to ALL nonprofit agencies that public records suggest provide some form of human services to Cobb residents as well as over 20 confidential interviews with key community leaders in the county.


The Results

GCN synthesized their findings to create the Cobb Needs Assessment and Asset Mapping Study and Cobb Needs Assessment and Asset Mapping Slides which will be available shortly.  The results are also presented in the form of heat maps which are available currently.  These maps break down Cobb County into individual census tracts, using various indicators to illustrate by color the degree of need related to four indexes:  Education, Workforce & Economic, Housing and Health.


What’s Next

Cobb Community Foundation will be basing its community grantmaking efforts on the results of this study and will focus on those areas of the county that have the greatest needs across all four indexes.