Cobb County’s quality of life numbers are very strong across the board, and particularly so when compared with the State of Georgia. However, the disparity across the county is significant.

The Heat Map below uses various indicators to provide a visual representation of the level of need in each census tract based on four different indexes:

  • Education
  • Workforce & Economics
  • Housing
  • Health

Red indicates a higher level of need whereas green indicates the lowest level of need for each specific index. To view the details behind the color coding, hover over a particular census tract.

The dots reflect non-profit organization locations based on information provided by those shown in our July 2019 survey. The dark dots represent the main office of the non-profit while the white dots reflect field offices, such as a food pantry at a school operated by another organization, one of a number of group homes for developmentally disabled adults, or a church clothes closet. Hover over a dot to identify the organization.