Supporting the Food Distribution Efforts of Cobb County Organizations: Announcing the Cobb Community Food Fleet

The Cobb Community Foundation (CCF) is excited to announce the Cobb Community Food Fleet, an initiative that brings together Noonday Association, Athena Farms, the Atlanta Braves, Ryder Trucks, S.A. White Oil Company, Mobilized Fuels, and numerous Cobb County non-profits to ensure that lack of storage space does not hinder Cobb non-profits’ food distribution efforts to those in need.

This initiative began, unnamed, in mid-March, where it was identified that Cobb’s non-profits are providing boxes of food to over 5,000 families each week. The organizations were facing issues with storage space to keep food items fresh, and the Cobb Community Food Fleet provides a solution to the problem while connecting organizations to causes that matter.

Currently, Howard Koepka of Noonday coordinates the communications among twenty-plus separate organizations distributing food in Cobb County, ranging from MUST Ministries to the two school systems to Cobb Senior Services to smaller organizations such as H.O.P.E. Family Resource Center in Mableton. “Many of these organizations did not know that each other existed,” Koepka says.  “Now, they not only are aware of each other, they are eliminating duplications of services, identifying and serving areas unserved, and literally sharing food, box trucks and other resources to make sure that everyone in Cobb County has access to food, regardless of whether or not they can pay for it.”

The involvement of the for-profit community, the non-profit community, and even the local and Federal governments to provide, store and deliver food throughout Cobb made Cobb Community Food Fleet the ideal name for the initiative.

CCF is grateful to be able to participate in this endeavor and will continue to identify resources, financial and otherwise, to help feed Cobb.


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