At Cobb Community Foundation (CCF), we believe that charitable giving done well can create a lasting impact. We created our Professional Advisors Network (PAN) to bring together professionals who help their clients with their charitable giving. Through the sharing of ideas, expertise and experiences, giving done well is done even better, and for the community, the client, the client’s family, even for the advisor, its impact is magnified.


Benefits of Membership

  • Build relationships with and grow your referral network to include the community’s most respected professional advisors.
  • Expand your knowledge of charitable giving, legacy building and opportunities for community impact.
  • Increase your visibility with inclusion in the PAN member directory on CCF’s website, with a link to your email address.


Expectations of Members

  • Incorporate charitable giving discussions into client planning conversations on a regular basis
  • Seek out opportunities to expand your knowledge of charitable planning and the benefits of community foundations
  • Engage with CCF in some form at least twice annually
  • Introduce at least one colleague or allied advisor to CCF each year


Professional Advisors Network Leadership Team

Our PAN Leadership Team consists of leaders in allied advisory fields such as estate planning, wealth advising, accounting, financial planning and insurance who believe that CCF amplifies the impact of charitable giving on themselves, their clients, and on the community they love.

Rick Bennett Co-Founder and Partner Bennett Thrasher
Gary Bottoms Chairman and CEO The Bottoms Group, LLC
David Fisher Co-Founder and Chief Wealth Officer
Megan Richards Flores Attorney
Gregory Doyle Calhoun & Rogers, LLC
Chris Gruehn Senior Vice President
Pinnacle Financial Partners
Greg Morgan Partner
Mauldin & Jenkins
Ken Thrasher Co-Founder & Partner
Bennett Thrasher
Susan Tillery President & CEO
Paraklete Financial, Inc.




Elizabeth Burdette  SignatureFD  |  404.573.4924

Shelley Elder  Crane Elder Law Firm, LLC  |  404.783.2244

Megan Richards Flores  Gregory Doyle Calhoun & Rogers, LLC   |  770.422.1776

Melissa Gilbert  |  Gregory Doyle Calhoun & Rogers, LLC   |  770.422.1776

Robert Petmecky  Petmecky Law Group, LLC  |  770.325.7289

Tony Turner  Cohen Pollock Merlin Turner  |  770.857.4828


Chris Bailey  |  Nichols Cauley & Associates  |  770.422.0598

Michael Bohling  |  HLB Gross Collins, P.C.  |  770.433.1711

Tammy Guelfo  |  HLB Gross Collins, P.C.  |  678.306.1419

Joseph James  |  Coker James |  770.790.3411

Todd McMullen  |  Moore Colson  | 770.989.0028

Greg Morgan  |  Mauldin & Jenkins  |  770.955.8600

Michael Sute  |  Sute CPAs  |  678.202.5953

Ken Thrasher | Bennett Thrasher LLP | 678.302.1455


Casey Patrick  |  Patrick Financial Group |  770.432.7787

Susan Tillery  |  Paraklete Financial, Inc.  |  678.290.3930

Russell Wood  |  Homrich Berg |  404.459.0032


Gary Bottoms  |  The Bottoms Group, LLC  |  770.425.9989

Hunter Ewing  |  High Ground Company |  404.520.5125


Rick Bennett  |  BT Wealth LLC  |  678.302.1414

David Fisher  |  SignatureFD  |  404.253.7610

Curtis Kimball  |  Willamette Management Associates  | 404.475.2307

Casey Smith  |  Wiser Wealth Management, Inc.  |  678.905.4450


Chris Gruehn  |  Pinnacle Financial Partners  |  470.990.8408



PAN Membership Seal


Members of the Professional Advisors Network (PAN) receive a membership seal to display on your website, LinkedIn and other materials.  Contact for further information.





Have questions?  Check out our Advisor FAQ pageaccess our Advisor’s Toolkit or contact Barbara Garner, Donor Services Manager, at 770.859.2359.