Announcing Additional Grants to Support the COVID-19 Community Response Efforts

Cobb Community Foundation (CCF) is excited to announce that an additional $97,000 in grants have been awarded to nonprofits who are supporting individuals and families experiencing continued hardship due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic. To date, over $411,000 of the $418,000 received in contributions to the COVID-19 Community Response Fund have been distributed.

Since March of 2020, CCF has been collecting donations through our Cobb COVID-19 Community Response Fund as well as through our Corporate Community Champion Program.

“While significant federal funding has been made available to assist those impacted most by the pandemic, there are gaps between how those dollars can be used and where needs remain,” explains Shari Martin, president and CEO of Cobb Community Foundation. Martin says the Foundation looks for opportunities to match other contributions to help their dollars go further.

Three categories of grants have been designated to provide support to the community in a variety of ways, including food, housing and mental health support.

For information about the grants, recipients and more, download the media release here.