The Extension – Building Life Saving Solutions

The Extension provides a life-saving solution: the opportunity and the tools needed to rebuild a life of sobriety after recovery from substance use disorder. A first-class, licensed, accredited treatment organization, The Extension supports the addicted and homeless population of Cobb County. With a 33-year history and a strong track record of service and leadership, The Extension has proven that a life of sobriety is possible. Men and women struggling with homelessness and addiction find the power within themselves to escape the chains of chemical dependency, rediscover their purpose, and learn to embrace a life without drugs and alcohol.

The Extension was designed to fund recovery for those without the financial means to do so themselves. Over 1,000 once-homeless adults have successfully completed treatment and have reentered society with the tools necessary to live a life of self-sufficiency. These men and women have gone on to become lawyers, medical professionals, social workers, and tradesmen, all a testament to the treatment and support they received.

The Extension served more than 250 clients last year, yet the demand for its services continues unabated. The Extension could not accommodate more than 550 addicted and homeless men and women who sought help last year due to a lack of capacity—65% of whom were men. To meet this growing need, The Extension launched BUILDING SOLUTIONS, a $5.8 million capital campaign that will fund the construction of a new 22,000 square-foot facility. The 56-bed men’s dorm built on their existing campus in Marietta will include meeting rooms, recreational areas, and a cafeteria. This growth will represent a 70% increase in the number of men who will have access to the life-saving solutions offered at The Extension.

Construction will begin in the first quarter of 2022, with the goal of opening the new men’s dorm in the spring of 2023. Working tirelessly, our capital campaign committee and board members have raised more than 85% of the $5.8 million we will need, with a goal of raising the additional funds by the end of this year.

You can help The Extension reach its fundraising goal and support their life-saving Building Solutions capital campaign.  Please donate here.