CCF Welcomes Revved Up Kids to our Fund Family

There are certain lessons we would all prefer that we not have to teach our children and certain subjects we would, frankly, like to avoid altogether.  Fortunately, there are people like Alli and David Neal who are called to create organizations like Revved Up Kids.  Alli and David founded Revved Up Kids in 2010 with a singular purpose: to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation.

Since then, the nonprofit has equipped tens of thousands of Atlanta-area children and teens how to be safe.  Revved Up Kids’ prevention training programs address the heart of the issue by teaching children who predators are and how they operate and equipping them to respond if they encounter one. These programs have been shown to dispel myths that sometimes prevent children from recognizing predators.  The training improves children’s self-protective behaviors and increases their confidence in responding to a dangerous situation. Revved Up Kids also emphasizes disclosing to a trusted adult, resulting in a number of children and teens being saved from their abusers.

Revved Up Kids hosts training workshops and events throughout the metro Atlanta area.  To make the program available to all children, the organization pursues grants and fundraising opportunities to fund the cost of the classes for youth-serving nonprofits and others serving low-income communities.

To learn more or to help make this training available to everyone, please click here.


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