Welcome Destiny’s Daughters of Promise to our Fund Family

Destiny’s Daughters of Promise’s mission is to provide a safe environment where teen girls can come and learn strategies to become confident leaders and contributing members of society through leadership development, strong interpersonal skills, financial literacy, healthy relationships, community involvement and basic life skills. Program activities are designed to prepare teen girls for transition into healthy, independent adults with the aim of preparing them for college, careers and to serve in the community.

In 2007, the organization began as the vision of Lorraine E. Thomas. Lorraine, a long-time educator, responded to the inability of public schools to provide leadership and basic life skills to teen girls, due to schools being overburdened. She had a vision to serve girls with leadership potential but who were at risk of being overlooked by either the school or other community services, increasing the unfortunate likelihood that they would grow into troubled adults. Lorraine gathered her network of like-minded individuals to create the Board of Directors which held its first meeting in October of 2007.  The dedicated Board spent 10 months creating and identifying a vision, program goals and organizational structure.

Destiny’s Daughters of Promise partners with those who believe in having a focus on education and making a difference in the lives of our youth. Interested in partnering and changing the lives of girls like Karima and Ashawnti?  If so, please click here to donate!