Welcome Meals by Grace Feeding Hungry Children in North Georgia Fund

Meals by Grace is the food support program of Fill Ministries, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit since 2011 based in and serving the children of Forsyth and Dawson Counties, Georgia.  Local school social workers identify children as struggling with food insecurity, and Meals by Grace makes food available through a client-choice pantry or, if the child’s family does not have access to regular reliable transportation, delivers food to the family’s home.

Meals by Grace wants families to do more than just survive, they want to help them grow and thrive to become self-sustaining, strong families and active community members and the Home Delivery Service provides a unique opportunity to help.  Deliveries are made by trained, relationship-cultivating volunteers who build trusted relationships over time, opening the door for opportunities to offer one-on-one mentoring. This process begins during intake when the licensed Social Worker (also known as the on-staff Family Success Specialist or “FSS”) determines the family needs and where they fall on the continuum of sustainability. Using this information, an individual care plan is created.

Care Plans are designed to meet the families where they are, from grandparents on a fixed income caring for their grandchildren, to the longer term needs of single parents struggling to survive, to those with short term emergency needs following a major accident or illness in the family. Regular check-ins with the volunteers and FSS keep things moving forward, even if by inches.

One component of every care plan is one-on-one mentoring about nutrition and food choices. Meals by Grace hasidentified that from a health perspective, most families eat a very poor-quality diet often with serious consequences. To provide better and more nutritious food, an aquaponics farm was created which provides healthy, highly nutritive laden, organic produce, fruits, and vegetables to each family with recipes and mentoring on preparation. Additional aquaponics farm items are sold into the organics loving community to provide even further support.

Cobb Community Foundation welcomes our newest member to our fund family, Meals by Grace Feeding Hungry Children in North Georgia Fund. To support the current services and future growth of Meals by Grace, please click here to make a tax deductible donation.

A Walk Around Fill Ministries Aquaponics Farm