Welcome Marietta Garden Center Fund

Home restored to its former glory

When this early-1850s home and property, located at 505 Kennesaw Avenue in Marietta, was donated to the Marietta Garden Council, the land was overgrown and the house in great disrepair. Local garden clubs and community organizations generously donated, however, with their money as well as with their time and toil to renovate and restore this gem of a historic home to its former glory.

Marietta Educational Garden Center is now home to garden club meetings and events, public educational and cultural programs, weddings, receptions, and other community gatherings.

Marietta Daisies Garden Club participate in Fall Planting Day at Marietta School Foundation

Cobb Community Foundation welcomes the Marietta Garden Center Fund to our family and is blessed to be a part of the ongoing efforts to preserve this historic home and its gardens for the enjoyment, education, and use of the entire Marietta community, now and in the future. While the Marietta Educational Garden Center is supported financially by garden club members, special fundraisers and venue rentals, maintaining this 1850’s historic home presents constant financial challenges.  The establishment of the Marietta Garden Center Fund with Cobb Community Foundation will simplify the giving process to their $250,000 capital campaign to ensure maintenance and preservation of one of Marietta’s finest treasures.

Marietta Educational Garden Center’s mission is to promote a love of gardening, horticultural education, protection of native trees, wildflowers, pollinators, birds and encouragement of home and civic beautification through gardening and nature conservation.  To support the Center, click here.