Welcome Reflections of Trinity

We welcome our newest agency fundholder, Reflections of Trinity, an organization that serves to meet the basic needs of those in crisis and facilitates structured opportunities for people to engage in meaningful community service.  This Powder Springs-based organization had its start in 2000 as an annual used clothing sale earmarked as revenue for Christian education at Trinity Chapel Church of God.  Three years later, Laurie Wong (still called “Pastor” by those who’ve been involved from the beginning) turned the annual event into a full time venture as a community thrift store, providing a vehicle to help fund needs in the community.  In 2005, Reflections of Trinity launched its own eBay store, providing another source of revenue to fund its missions.

In January 2012, its Team 58 Food Pantry program was born, and soon after that was its Senior Bridge Program, providing food distribution for senior communities.  While the Senior Bridge Program looks very similar, due to the pandemic, the food pantry is now a Saturday food drive thru serving approximately 650 families every Saturday between 9:00 and 12:30.  Cars begin lining up before 7:00 a.m. and maintain a steady flow until closing time at noon.  It takes the entire Reflections staff, however, to generate the resources required to provide food to the 1000+ families assisted by the two programs.  As Laurie says, “Everyone sees the pantry, the pantry staff, the volunteers.  They just don’t see the staff behind the scenes, and they don’t have any volunteers… you know the eBay staff, the store staff… are all working hard to make sure the pantry has what it needs.”

We are happy to introduce you to the entire staff of Reflections of Trinity.  “They needed a break, but we couldn’t take a break.  So we did something fun!”  We thought you might have some fun, too, while watching theirs.  Enjoy!