Supporting and Honoring Our Veterans

The Cobb Veterans Memorial Foundation (CVMF) was founded in 2015 as a way to help pay respect to Cobb County veterans and their families. The Cobb Commission Chair at the time, Tim Lee, identified a handful of Cobb leaders who were also veterans and “appointed” them to create a monument to say thank you. Cobb County has a rich military history and over 60,000 veterans living here but no acknowledgement of their service. Thus, the CVMF was formed, became a 501(c)(3) and started the groundwork to secure the land, start the design process, start building interest in Cobb County and, yes, managing our financial affairs.

From CVMF:

The reason we embraced Cobb Community Foundation (CCF) to be our Designated Fund manager was because, as a fledgling non-profit in Cobb County, our initial focus was on creating a first-class veterans memorial park. We needed a resource that could help us manage our financial assets, provide a means for citizens to donate to CVMF and provide us with instant credibility given the high level of respect they have built within Cobb County. CCF does all of that for us.

CVMF’s focus is to provide Cobb County citizens with the following:

  • A much needed THANK YOU to men and women who have served AND their families who paid a price along with their veterans.
  • Highlighting the sacrifice that has (and is) being made by our military so others can enjoy the freedoms and security that are often taken for granted today. Freedom isn’t free!
  • Lifting up the quality of life in Cobb County in multiple ways, including bringing a greater sense of inclusion/unity to the community, inspiring members of the community to serve others whether in the military or not and becoming an economic magnet that brings tourists, home-seekers and businesses to Cobb County.

As CVMF moves from “setting the stage” to awareness, fundraising and building phase, we have our eyes set on being a transformative endeavor here in Cobb County, and we are grateful to CCF for being there to support our efforts.


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For more information, contact Dan Valentine, Executive Director of CVMF.