The economic impact of the coronavirus is going to hit some families hard.  Very hard.  Fortunately, Cobb County is home to a strong, capable and mighty group of non-profit organizations that, for so many, are the one thing that stands in the way of hunger, eviction, homelessness, and worse.  They are that sturdy red block that prevents all of the dominoes from falling, and because more of our community will need their help, now more than ever, they will need your help.


More of our neighbors are going to need healthcare.


More families are going to need food, particularly those with children who would otherwise receive breakfast and lunch at school.


Lower income families are likely to be hit the hardest and will need
financial and/or housing assistance.


Cancer patients and the elderly are among the most at risk
and will require more care.


Households will be under a great deal of stress,
which can sometimes trigger an abusive response.


For families seeking or maintaining recovery from addiction, social distancing makes the support provided by recovery community organizations even more critical.

Make your difference, and stop someone’s dominoes from falling.

Call us at 770-859-2366 or visit Cobb Community Connection to find other non-profit organizations serving Cobb County and what they do, who they serve, where they are and what they need.