We all know, life is better with pets, so why not help better the lives of pets too? The Humane Society of Cobb County Fund has partnered with Cobb Community Foundation to help further their mission to promote humane welfare and responsible animal guardianship through educational community outreach, shelter, and spay/neuter programs at their no-kill shelter by opening a Designated Fund with us. The Humane Society of Cobb County (HSCC), which is not affiliated with Cobb County government nor any other Humane Society or local or national organization was founded in 1957, and has been supported primarily by donations from the local community. They are committed to reducing animal overpopulation and finding homes for all adoptable pets.

HSCC recently announced plans to build a one-level, 2,500 square-foot shelter custom-designed to house and care for cats. The new shelter will feature a cageless environment to reduce stress, a kitten room, bonding room, and suites dedicated to cats with special needs along with the renovation of their existing shelter to improve intake areas, isolation rooms, and increase housing for dogs.

Interested in supporting HSCC? Take a look at these opportunities:

  1. Name a room, space, equipment, or other necessary items in three of our buildings.
  2. Opportunity to fund equipment upgrades and other items within a wide range of price points.
  3. Bequests & planned giving (wills, trusts, insurance policies, retirement plans, and community foundations (such as with the HSCC Designated Fund with the Cobb Community Foundation)).