Cobb Community Foundation’s reach is far….all the way to Syracuse, New York!

A conversation between friends here in Atlanta was the main catalyst for two charitable funds being opened recently with the Central New York Community Foundation. Shari Martin, President & CEO of Cobb Community Foundation and her friend, Pam Hubby, were playing catch up and their talk turned to Pam’s then 96 year old mother, Ursula. Pam shared with Shari her mother’s love of music, education and the years she spent helping others in times of need. Shari talked about the role of a community foundation and how they could continue to help Ursula support her most cherished causes.

In February of this year, after Ursula’s passing at 97, nearly $100,000 was gifted to the Central New York Community Foundation through her will in the form of two funds. The Ursula T. Hubby Fund for the Arts will provide annual support to the Carrie Lazarus Fund for Extraordinary Talent. Her second fund, the Ursula T. Hubby Fund, will support annual responsive grant making for disaster relief as well as medical research and support for those suffering from cancer or dementia-related diseases.

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