Cobb Community CONNECTION has officially LAUNCHED!

THE CONNECTION is a searchable, mappable online directory of non-profit organizations. It includes program information, volunteer opportunities and both financial and in-kind needs. Looking to volunteer with your children or a group from the office? Search THE CONNECTION. Have some furniture you’d like to donate? Add it to THE CONNECTION. Thinking about starting your own non-profit? Find someone who is already doing similar work in THE CONNECTION. THE CONNECTION even gives non-profits the ability to share their need for board members.

THE CONNECTION is made available by Cobb Community Foundation in support of its mission of inspiring charitable giving, building resources for the future, and connecting donors who care to causes that matter.

Volunteer Opportunities you will find on THE CONNECTION

Marietta Mentoring for Leadership

Mentor a youth in Marietta! We offer training and support throughout the year. Community mentors have various ways to connect with students through our organization: be a one-to-one mentor for an 8th-12th grader, serve as a small group mentor for 6th or 7th graders, help juniors and seniors complete college and scholarship applications, serve lunch to students once per month at the high school, or attend events throughout the year as an extra set of hands.

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Goods & Services you will find on THE CONNECTION

Revved Up Kids

Our programs are provided at our client sites throughout metro-Atlanta. Our program van is a 1999 Nissan Quest (affectionately named Christine because she can lock and unlock her own doors, even when she’s sitting in the garage and turned off!). Christine is a trooper, but she is rapidly nearing the end of her useful life, and because she doesn’t like her doors to stay locked, the training equipment cannot be secured. We would be grateful for a donation of a new or used van (2013 or newer) to replace Christine.

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Financial Needs you will find on THE CONNECTION

Village Connection, Inc.

$1,000 is needed for Foster Care Love Bags. This amount will provide 50 Love Bags for kids in foster care. We want to make a difference in their lives by allowing them to carry their belongings in duffel bags instead of trash bags. Each duffel bag, known as a love bag, will include toiletry items, a play toy, a learning toy and a poem. Each bag will cost approximately $19. Village Connection, Inc. wants to let every child know that they are valued even when their world seems turned upside down.

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