Cobb Realty4Rehab + NARCAN + ASSIST = Lives Saved

Yvette Williams’ son Andrew died of a drug overdose. In the wake of this personal tragedy, Yvette founded the Cobb chapter of Realty4Rehab because she didn’t want other families to experience the heartbreak of losing a loved one to addiction.  Now Cobb Realty4Rehab is supporting Cobb County police departments, such as Marietta PD, who are on the front lines of the war on addiction. Cobb Realty4Rehab’s donation of Narcan® was used to revive victims an even 100 times in 2018 in the City of Marietta alone.

Along with the use of Narcan®, the City of Marietta created a new community outreach initiative called the “ASSIST Team.” The team is comprised of the Marietta Police Department, Marietta Fire Department, the Metro Ambulance Service and Davis Direction organization. The ASSIST Team will receive alerts whenever the police, fire or Metro ambulance service revive an individual using Narcan.

Within 24 hours of each alert, two plain clothes police officers will visit the surviving individual and will talk them in hopes of persuading them to seek treatment and recovery.  The officers will leave them with a packet of information (provided by Davis Direction) outlining options and available resources for seeking treatment and recovery. The ASSIST Team will remain in contact with addicts who are willing to meet and discuss recovery in a one on one conversation.

Cobb Realty4Rehab is continuing their efforts to support the purchase of Narcan® for first responders with their upcoming 2nd Annual Golf & Tennis Tournament. This year it will be held on September 16th at Brookstone County Club. Registration will open soon, so keep an eye on Cobb Realty4Rehab for information or make a donation here.