2019 Cobb Community Impact Grant Recipients and Applicants

We awarded a total of $100,000 in $5,000 to $10,000 increments for those programs our Selection Committee found to have the greatest impact on our community at our Partners in Philanthropy Luncheon on April 26th, 2019.

Listed below are the applicants and recipients. The applicants that did not receive a grant are noted with a link to help fund their grant.


Animal Related

The Luckie Street Project
Luckie Street’s primary purpose is to provide preventative, recovery and emergency assistance to safeguard the health and well-being of the animals of families in need.
Program: Luckie Street Project Heart Health & Wellness Program
A significant portion of our current revenue is spent on monthly preventatives dispersed to the animals of the families we assist. We would like to expand this to be able to support an additional 65 animals for no less than 3 months each at a calculated $92.00 per animal. Excess monies would be used to cover heartworm treatments for up to 16 dogs.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 65


Arts, Culture & Humanities

ArtsBridge Foundation, Inc.
Our Mission is to “Expand arts education for all Georgia students”
Program: 2019-2020 ArtsBridge Field Trip Program Season
Field Trips expose students to high-quality, educational performances that directly connect to Georgia Standards of Excellence and the Common Core. Because some students miss lunch due to timing of the Field Trips or based on income, expansion of the program now includes Snack Packs, which are given to every attending student.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 25,000


Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre
Our mission is to Partner and Serve by providing cultural entertainment, programs, and meeting space accessible to a diverse audience and by promoting economic development; to Entertain and Educate by offering a unique venue that provides high quality and a variety of performing arts ; and to Preserve and Promote by remaining financially sound with tickets, space rental, and support from donors.
Program: Project Lift
We will install a motorized lift that will allow wheelchair access to all three levels of the Strand stage. We have been approached in the past by groups that would like to perform here, but we were unable to accommodate them because some or all of them were in wheelchairs. With this lift, we will be able to accommodate handicapped performers.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 504,600 is the estimated disabled population of Metro Atlanta, who now will have access to The Strand’s stage.


Friends of the Mable House
The Mission of the Friends of the Mable House
(FOMH) is to provide educational opportunities
and to assist with preservation at the Historical
Mable House in Mableton, Georgia.
Program: Mableton Museum
Unincorporated Mableton has no central location for curating and sharing historical information and artifacts. The FOMH is working to establish a museum on the Mable House property. We will highlight the stories of early Mableton, 1800s farm life, the Civil War and the varied people who lived and worked in Southern Cobb County.
Amount Requested: $5,000 – Donate: Elizabeth.Geiselmayr@cobbcounty.org
People Impacted: 3,000


Georgia Symphony Orchestra
The GSO mission is to inspire our community through accessible, high quality musical and educational experiences that instill a lifelong appreciation for the arts. Now in our 68th season, our vision is to continue developing a thriving, multifaceted and innovative cultural organization that enriches, educates, audiences, musicians and students.
Program: Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra (GYSO)
GYSO will expand to impact more underserved students. Additional ensembles will provide increased musical opportunities for gifted and talented youth. GYSO will support and empower students to reach their full potential by developing life skills such as perceptive listening, discipline, leadership, commitment, and an enhanced desire for excellence.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 400


Red Onion Press Inc.
We are a non-profit artist workshop and gallery dedicated to printmaking and letterpress publishing. We seek to preserve these traditional processes, be an educational resource to the community, and provide working artists access to facilities, equipment, and opportunities.
Program: Youth printmaking workshops and exhibition
We would host a dozen workshops where school groups leave with a novel art experience and a print they made themselves by hand. We will coordinate an exhibition of the work the students create. These programs require we be able to compensate instructors, purchase and prepare materials in advance, and cover the exclusive use of our facility.
Amount Requested: $5,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 400


Smyrna Arts Council
Smyrna Arts Council provides leadership in advocating, initiating and integrating arts in our community. An all volunteer organization, we believe a thriving art scene embraces all forms of art and attracts participation and attendance.
Program: Master Class Program
The orchestra director at Campbell High School wants to provide Master Class lessons to orchestra members whose families cannot afford to pay for private lesson. Without the additional private instruction the students fall behind and their self esteem is affected. The director found an accomplished strings teacher that would provide instruction.
Amount Requested: $5,240 – Donate
People Impacted: 576 Student Hours


Young Voices United, Inc.
The mission of Young Voices United is to make a positive difference in the lives of our youth that they might make a difference in the world.
Program: Level-Up
This program is structured to prepare financially challenged Cobb youth, ages 14-18, for the Georgia Conference, where they will train for college scholarships. Youth will have the opportunity to train and prepare (through workshops, classes, and auditions) for the State and National Theater Arts Conferences, which will not only enhance their performing arts skills, but improve and develop “life skills” (i.e. communication, creative problem solving, team building). They will also interview for colleges.
Amount Requested: $23,695
People Impacted: 40


Community Improvement and Capacity Building

Cobb County FOP Charities, Inc.
The mission of the FOP Cops and Kids program is to build relationships between Law Enforcement and Communities they serve through programs that directly impact children’s lives.
Program: “Cops and Kids”
It was created to build relationships between Citizens and Officers to better serve our community. We take disadvantaged children and pair them with local Officers who shop for presents for themselves and their family.
We measure our progress by how many schools, families and children we are able to help because of our programs
Amount Requested: $5,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 160


Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Metro Atlanta, Inc.
Mission: Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Vision: Decent affordable housing for every family in our community.

Program: 2019 new and renovated house build volunteer hydration and appreciation.
Currently an average of 30 individuals/teams come out on a Saturday and spend 8 hours on a build out in the hot sun to help build or renovate a house for a family or Veteran. Each Saturday according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines (and it’s just nice) we must provide water, Gatorade, breakfast, lunch and snacks.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 450


The Minerva Foundation, Inc.
Our mission is to support the advancement of education, provide relief to the poor and underprivileged, support the defense of human and civil rights and address public health issues. TMFI establishes partnerships with community organizations in Cobb to facilitate funding opportunities serving as a resource and conduit for innovative programming.
Program: TMFI in collaboration with Marietta-Roswell seeks to host Impact Day 2019 with local organizations under one roof; providing resources, workshops, health screenings and other related services.
The proposed project brings together resources to improve communities via a free, public initiative.

Physical and Mental Health (flu shot)/
Educational Development (Local College Fair)/
Economic Development (Job Fair for Veterans) /
Social Action (Voter Registration /
Arts and Cultura (Local Artist Displays) /
Emergency Response (smoke detectors)

Amount Requested: $7,500 – Donate
People Impacted: 1,500


Crisis Intervention & Mental Health

Helping One Guy
Helping One Guy (HOG) hosts dinners in Kennesaw, Georgia at NorthStar Church. Every other month, we honor men, along with their families with a monetary gift who are experiencing the most challenging crisis of their life. Examples of their crisis could be a terminal illness, loss of an immediate family member, or some other non-material tragedy.
Program: Infrastructure for Helping One Guy Improvement
This grant will Improve the organization infrastructure. With the funds we can hire and fund a Bookkeeper, CPA, Webmaster, Social Media Coordinator and be able to fund an Advertising program. By hiring these people it will help us keep up with the growth of the organization.
Amount Requested: $7,500 – Donate
People Impacted: 300


Kennesaw State University Foundation
KSU emphasizes both the development and application of knowledge. Solana Fellows, College of Health and Human Services, adheres to this mission. Solana Fellows, overseen by an Interdisciplinary faculty team, will identify mental health issues and create innovative solutions for K-12 students in Cobb County to prevent violence in schools.
Program: The Solana Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fellows
Mental health is a national public health issue. In response to school shootings, suicides and overdoses, Cobb parents sought out assistance. This program uses graduate students to assess, analyze and create innovative solutions for mental health to be replicated in our community’s schools. We will use an interdisciplinary, empowerment model.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 3,961


Our Mission is to place a person of understanding in environments with teenagers providing prevention, crisis intervention and support as they move through the dangers of the transition zone, the ages of 13-20 where students are in the most danger for developing high-risk behavioral patterns, while creating a community of support.
Program: Marietta High School Wrap Model
P2L will provide five block classes of evidence-based prevention as a part of the health curriculum at MHS. In addition, P2L will screen for substance abuse, provide short-term intervention for those at medium to high-risk for addiction with a referral to treatment with P2L clinical staff as indicated at MHS, PLC and MAPS schools.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 1,200


Richmont Graduate University, Richmont Institute of Trauma and Recovery
Richmont provides Christ-centered graduate education, counseling, and research that advances God’s work of healing, restoration, and transformation in the lives of individuals and communities. We equip students to facilitate healing while delivering evidence-based mental health services for struggling individuals to meet life’s challenges.
Program: Richmont Trauma Center (RTC) Atlanta Community Counseling: Evidence-based mental health services
The project will increase Richmont Trauma Center capacity to serve vulnerable individuals who otherwise couldn’t access care. By creating a multipurpose room and adding counseling tools, we will be able to offer additional treatment options that improve mental health symptoms for those suffering from trauma, mental illness, and/or substance abuse.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 400


Self Discovery Pain, Positioning & Purpose, Inc
To bring awareness to mental illness, suicide prevention and bullying through workshops, conferences, and tours that will stop the stigma attached to mental illness and promote healing.
Program: Taking Off the Mask Mental Health Project
SDPPP will provide advocacy seminars, prevention training, workshops, and private coaching and mentoring, and coordination of community-based resources and referrals. We anticipate adding a crisis line and mobile crisis unit this year.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 2,500


Ser Familia, Inc.
Our mission is to strengthen, revitalize, and equip Latino youth, couples, parents and families through educational programs that teach improved life, leadership and communication skills, empowering participants to thrive and enjoy a healthy family environment.
Program: Family Stabilization and Mental Health Services for Latinos in Cobb
With funding, the agency will provide Latino families in Cobb with evidence-based case management and mental health services, which no other Latino agency offers in the state. This project will increase access to critical mental health care and coordination of services for vulnerable Latinos.
Amount Requested: $10,000 / Amount Received: $5,000
People Impacted: 50


Suicide Prevention Ministry
“Breaking the Silence” will give voice to those in faith based communities, who have lost family, friends & other loved ones to suicide by increasing their suicide prevention awareness & advocacy, educating them on appropriate actions to prevent suicide in order to reach out to those at risk, uniting to create political will to fund research.
Program: Breaking the Silence
Funding will allow us to identify & use proven skills to help suicidal people via “Talk Saves Lives”; reduce stigma, shame & fear to create safe communities equipped to respond appropriately to depressed/suicidal people; produce proactive communities which trailblaze & model the direction for other counties’ faith communities on how to walk the talk of saving lives.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 5,000


Turning Point Enterprises, Inc.
Turning Point Enterprises (TPE) provides individuals support and opportunities to achieve their full potential and empower them to become self sufficient.
Program: “SKILLS FOR LIFE” will be expanding to include a “Parent University”.
The Parent University component of the Anti-Bullying program is designed to change lives by helping parents better understand youth and to be jointly involved with bullying prevention. Parent University provides consistent and integrated tools for bullying prevention among youth.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 1,500



Calvary Children’s Home
Our purpose is to provide a safe, loving, Christian environment for children needing support apart from their families, where each child is given the opportunity to reach their full potential in their personal, emotional and spiritual life.
Program: Calvary Children’s Home Learning Center
We are requesting funds to convert our old library into a state of the art learning center to be used by our tutors in support of our children’s educational needs. Computers, furniture, and educational supplies will be needed to modernize our old space into a relevant, reliable, and sustainable learning center for our children.
Amount Requested: $9,954 – Donate
People Impacted: 40


Cobb County Youth Museum, Inc.
The Youth Museum is a non-profit educational resource center offering children the opportunity to learn about significant historical, social, and cultural events through instructional activities which integrate arts and education while emphasizing ​personal involvement and participation.
Program: Dollars for Driving
Though we regularly secure funding to cover tour expenses for Cobb County Title I students, transportation costs are not covered. This expense, which is passed on to the students, often prohibits our most vulnerable population from taking advantage of this opportunity. This grant would cover the transportation expense of these students.
Amount Requested: $5,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 3,409


Girls Incorporated of Greater Atlanta
Girls Incorporated of Greater Atlanta inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.
Program: Girl’s Incorporated Expanded Literacy Program
Literacy skills are critical for success. Children from low income families often need additional help to gain the skills required. Our Literacy Program will expand in depth and size to better support the literacy skill s of girls. Through the implementation of new reading software, girls will strengthen reading skills and track outcomes.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 191


Path To Shine
At Path To Shine, we seek to inspire children to achieve hope-filled dreams by educating and encouraging them through free mentoring, tutoring and enrichment programs, while motivating people who can make a difference in a child’s life.
Program: School Break Enrichment STEM/Fitness Camp
School Break Enrichment STEM/Fitness Camp provides Path To Shine students in Cobb County the opportunity to attend camp that blends hands-on-STEM activities with sports. Ranging from 3D printing, drones, and music to playing basketball, hockey and soccer, the campers will enrich their minds and also benefit from physical activity.
Amount Requested: $5,150 – Donate
People Impacted: 50


Performing Arts Patrons Association
The Performing Arts Patrons Association provides financial, volunteer, and program support to Cobb County Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts at Pebblebrook High School, in support of this co-educational public magnet school ‘s aim to nurture and develop talented and intellectually engaged young artists.
Program: Health, Wellness, and College Prep Adjunct Workshops
This grant will expand an initiative, that provides workshops to students of CCCEPA, focusing on physical & mental health wellness and college preparatory skills. The demanding schedules of these performing arts students requires this augmentation, to further increase their positive outcomes through high school and into college and careers.
Amount Requested: $5,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 600


Success Prep Academy
Our mission is to help disadvantaged students achieve their highest potential through our programs that provide life skills mentoring, academic support and career exploration.
Program: Project YES! – Youth Empowered for Success
To truly impact generational poverty, we strive to help students at over-burdened Title 1 high schools pursue and attain college degrees or professional training beyond high school. Our program provides career and college introductions, college entrance test prep classes, and help with applications for admission, financial aid and scholarships.
Amount Requested: $8,500 – Donate
People Impacted: 58


The Center for Family Resources
The Center for Family Resources (CFR) is on a mission to move people to self-sufficiency through financial stabilization, housing and education. With a proven track record of changing lives for over 59 years and serving more than 10,000 people annually, CFR strives to be the leader in homeless prevention in Cobb County.
Program: Enhanced GED Prep for Low-Income Cobb County Residents
Funding is being sought to acquire technology needed to support enhanced assessment software and online educational tools to support CFR’s GED Prep program. Such technology will enable CFR to better identify student academic weaknesses and tailor instruction to the needs of individual students, helping to increase student success on GED testing.
Amount Requested: $5,295 / Amount Received: $10,000
People Impacted: 100


Environment & Beautification

Atlanta Audubon Society
Atlanta Audubon is building places where birds and people thrive through conservation, education, and advocacy.
Program: Connecting Students with STEM through Birds (North Cobb High School)
CSSTB is a holistic approach to teaching STEM concepts through the lens of birds. Partner schools receive an outdoor classroom featuring native plants and nest boxes; a set of binoculars; field guides and fiction/nonfiction books; & programs delivered by Atlanta Audubon naturalists. Funding will allow us to add this program at North Cobb HS.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 300


Chattahoochee Nature Center
The mission of the Chattahoochee Nature Center is to connect people with nature. CNC is one of the largest nonprofit, environmental education facilities in metro Atlanta serving 400 schools and 40,000 school children annually. CNC also has community, recreational and wildlife rehabilitation programs that serve Cobb County residents.
Program: Chattahoochee Nature Center Camp Kingfisher
CNC seeks to increase access to Camp Kingfisher for Title I students in 3 Cobb County schools. Camp K teaches self-confidence, improves interpersonal skills and increases knowledge of environmental stewardship. Campers experience the transformational joys and learning of an overnight camp without leaving home.
Amount Requested: $6,600 – Donate
People Impacted: 15


Smith-Gilbert Gardens Foundation
The non-profit Smith-Gilbert Gardens Foundation has a mission to serve as a resource for conservation, education and the enjoyment of horticulture, fine arts and historic preservation at Smith-Gilbert Gardens.
Program: Play…in Nature
This grant will fund an exhibition inspiring a love for the natural world. Interactive play structures will be built throughout the Gardens. Exhibits will stimulate imagination, discovery, and activity! This grant offers a two-prong approach to involve children and teens – funds will be used to
buy materials to construct play structures. Each structure will be designed and built by high school students.
By underwriting admission and tour fees, we will also be able to engage as many families as possible to visit the exhibition.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 6,000


Food Insecurity Prevention & Nutrition

Chattahoochee Tech Foundation
The Chattahoochee Tech Foundation’s mission is to provide financial support to the college, its students, and programs.
Program: Golden Eagle Food Pantry
We plan to create a food pantry for all students at our Marietta campus. At least 36% of all college students struggle with food insecurity. We plan to create a pantry operated by the Office of Student Resources within CTC. We will stock the pantry with a combination of donated food and items purchased through the Atlanta Community Food Bank.
Amount Requested: $5,000 / Amount Received: $5,000 / MDJ Article
People Impacted: 9,825




Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta
Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.
Program: Get Movin’ at Camp Timber Ridge
GSGATL will expand “Get Movin’” at Camp Timber Ridge in Cobb County. This project aims to help girls combat our society’s overweight and obesity epidemic and develop healthy habits. At camp, girls use pedometers to track their steps with the goal of walking 10,000 steps each day and use food journals to track nutritious food intake at camp.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 1,715


Sweetwater Mission, Inc.
We stabilize families and transform lives by providing food, clothing, education, and support services to our neighbors in need.
Program: Fresh Market Produce Program
Our Fresh Market Produce Program will provide an additional $200 each week to supplement our inconsistent and insufficient donations to allow all our clients quality nutritious choices. We will supplement the donations we pickup at local groceries with purchases from the Food Bank and Wholesalers.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 12,000



Foster4Love Inc.
Advocate for at-risk youth through medical and educational services.
Program: Our medical model will be expanded to serve more foster children or children at-risk of coming into the foster care program.
These funds will allow us to expand our services to cover 65 more children. This cost covers a years worth of medical services for children in foster care or at-risk of entering care. This would cover insured and uninsured children in the Cobb County foster care system.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 65


Homelessness and Poverty

A Point In Time Foundation
A Point in Time Aspires to meet those experiencing homelessness where they are. We ensure that their basic needs are met for Food, Water, Shelter & Rest We follow the individual through a strategic action plan leading to re-stabilization. We aspire to end homelessness one person at a time.
Program: A.P.I.T.
A Point in Time recognizes that our homeless population will not be successful without the necessary life skills, and a positive outlook on life. Our APIT program consist of 4 levels: Life Skills Readiness; Job Readiness; Job Placement; and Transitional Housing programs. APIT also offer 2 pre-program levels for those not ready to commit.
Amount Requested: $750,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 10,000


Simple Needs GA
Our mission is to meet the simple needs of children, people experiencing homelessness, and others in need, while inspiring our community to do the same. We strive to fill in the gaps for services not generally provided by other organizations, giving individuals a sense of worth to help them see beyond their circumstances.
Program: Shoe Them Love (STL), My Birthday Matters (MBM), Comfort Kits (CK)
There are many children we cannot provide for; we can add more recipients. MBM provides homeless children gifts on their birthdays. STL buys $25 gift cards for school social workers who buy shoes for kids. CK are duffel bags packed with full-sized toiletries for residents at local homeless shelters; we will add another item to the bags.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 1,250


Human Services

Caribbean Lifetime Missions
We mobilize volunteers for medical and humanitarian missions.
Program: Low income volunteer scholarships
This funding will give Cobb resident students and low income applicants the opportunities to volunteer on one of our foreign humanitarian trips to the Caribbean and Central America. This grant, if approved, would cover the airfare lodging and meals of the scholarship recipients.
Amount Requested: $5,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 10


East Cobb Lions Club Foundation
Our mission is to serve our communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through service to others.
Program: Kid Sight Plus
This past year the 5 Lions Clubs in Cobb County provided vision screening for more than 20,000 students and families in Cobb County. With this grant, an additional machine can be purchased which will now allow the Lions to provide vision screening in the Marietta City Schools, private schools, early learning centers and health fairs.
Amount Requested: $7,232 – Donate
People Impacted: 35,000


Job Readiness

Cumberland Community Church, Inc. dba The Collective at Cumberland
The Collective at Cumberland is a strategic network of partners from government, business, education, faith and non-faith-based organizations that are dedicated to restoring the community by providing services for recovery, employment, education, and social skills development.
Program: The Cobb County Independent Work Program (IWP) – Expansion Project
The IWP is a paid, 6-week working reference and job-skills training course for low-income individuals seeking postsecondary education and/or permanent employment.

Securing IWP expansion funding would allow us to host one additional 6-week class and cover the cost of contract labor to serve 9 more participants.

Amount Requested: $9,720 – Donate
People Impacted: 9


Military & Veterans Support

Zion Keepers, Inc.
The mission of Zion Keepers, Inc. is to provide high quality services to disabled homeless Veterans and other low income individuals and families who are struggling with life controlling issues.
Program: Life-skill training for homeless disabled Veterans in our Project Hope program.
Zion Keepers, Inc. provides rapid rehousing and permanent supportive housing for our homeless Veterans. The life-skills training and effective case management are essential for the successful transition from homelessness to stable housing.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 15


Patient Support & Funding for Medical Causes

JO Gives, Inc.
JO Gives and its programs focus on animal advocacy, facial trauma in children, those suffering from ALS, and clean water in the world for all. Our cumulative efforts strive to make our big community feel smaller by nurturing relationships and fostering hope in those who need a voice, an advocate, or a hand up.
Program: The Chin Up Foundation
Cobb County children who experience facial trauma from dog bites do not often have funds for facial therapy after the attack. These children grow up with life long scarring that has lasting effects on their mental health and physical appearance. We have plastic surgeons donating part of their fees as a discount, and we will raise funds for the rest.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 10


Loving Arms Cancer Outreach
Loving Arms Cancer Outreach is a non-profit organization with a mission for helping cancer patients and their families. For 8 years we have provided financial assistance to cancer patients with: grocery and gas cards, medication assistance, utility assistance, free wigs and support groups. These services often bridge the financial gap caused by cancer.
Program: Gift Card Program
We provide the cancer patient with up to $600 per year assisting with utilities, providing gas and grocery cards and helping with medications. We would use these grant funds to expand our Gift Card Program. A $10,000 grant along with matching dollars from Northwest Georgia Onc. will allow us to purchase 400 additional $50 gas and grocery cards.
Amount Requested: $10,000 / Amount Received: $5,000
People Impacted: 1,000


Physical, Mental or Sexual Abuse

Cobb County Court Appointed Special Advocates, Inc.(CASA)
Our mission is to advocate on behalf of and ensure the success of the Cobb CASA program through community outreach, fundraising, volunteer recruitment and retention.
Program: Juvenile Court of Cobb County Court Appointed Special Advocates Program Capacity Building
Funding will be directed to the Juvenile Court of Cobb County CASA program to expand by adding part time staff to supervise, support, and empower more volunteer child advocates as they serve children who have been abused and neglected. Judges attempt to appoint CASA volunteers to waiting children, but there isn’t funding to grow the CASA staff.
Amount Requested: $10,000 / Amount Received: $5,000
People Impacted: 38


liveSAFE Resources, Inc.
To provide safety and healing to those impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse by offering services, creating awareness and fostering support within our community
Program: Emergency Homelessness Prevention Program
Many domestic violence victims are income-dependent on the abuser and need money to avoid homelessness when they leave or their abuser is arrested. We propose up to $2,000 in one-time utility and rent assistance, as well as moving assistance if needed, per client for those whose families are without their primary source of income due to violence.
Amount Requested: $10,000 / Amount Received: $10,000
People Impacted: 30


Revved Up Kids, Inc.
It is the mission of Revved Up Kids to provide programs and safety resources that equip and empower participants to recognize and avoid dangerous situations and people, and escape violence if necessary.
Program: Sexual Abuse Prevention Training for Children and Teens in Cobb County
During the 2018/19 school year, generous grants have enabled Revved Up Kids to reach 1,459 children and teens, and 127 adults in Cobb County Schools, teaching them who predators are, how they operate, and how they can protect themselves. We have two additional schools (2000 students), scheduled this semester. The CCI grant will train more children.
Amount Requested: $5,750 / Amount Received: $5,000
People Impacted: 1,000


Safepath Children’s Advocacy Center, Inc.
SafePath’s mission is to reduce the trauma to children and their families by offering a comprehensive, professional and child-friendly approach to allegations of child abuse.
Program: “Building a SafePath” Clinical Resource Creation
SafePath’s project is to develop, produce and print a facilitator guide and participant handbook “Building a SafePath…From Confusion to Clarity” which will be a resource for facilitators of psycho-educational groups for caregivers of children who have been sexually abused. Primary caregivers are essential in facilitating a child’s recovery.
Amount Requested: $10,000 / Amount Received: $10,000
People Impacted: 1,000




Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness & Relief

American Red Cross of Metropolitan Atlanta
The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.​
Program: American Red Cross Home Fire Preparedness, Response and Recovery
The Red Cross aims to reduce home fire related death & injury by 25% in 5 years (2015-20), through: canvassing at-risk communities, reviewing safety checklists & installing free smoke alarms; engaging youth through the in-school fire education program, the Pillowcase Project; and public awareness through a marketing & public relations campaign.
Amount Requested: $5,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 429


YMCA of Metro Atlanta
Our YMCAs strive to be the organization recognized for bringing people together and championing communities where everyone belongs.
All three branches in Cobb, and all those in metro-Atlanta, represent an association of volunteers, members, and staff, open to and serving all, with programs and services which build spirit, mind and body.
Program: Safety Around Water or S.A.W.
The Y is the most accessible community resource to prevent drowning. SAW is learning to perform a sequenced set of skills if a child finds themselves water unexpectedly. No child should drown in Cobb or anywhere. Taking the SAW program outside our walls gives us the ability to do our best work and be most impactful where most needed. Children learn to perform two sequences, that they can use if they find themselves in water unexpectedly, significantly impacting life-saving statistics for kids.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 450


Recreation & Sports

Cobb Summer Swim League
Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle for children of all ages by staying active and getting involved in the community.
Program: Cobb Summer Swim League – outfitting of officials with proper gear and attire.
The grant will provide the proper tools needed for the officials of the CSSL. Each official will be given an embroidered polo so they are properly identified at swim meets. The bull horns will also assist in properly officiating each swim meet.
Amount Requested: $1,600
People Impacted: 6,000


Senior Services

Aloha To Aging,Inc
Our mission is to empower family care givers, aging care recipients, volunteers and the community in a positive, nurturing manner through quality targeted programming.
Program: ASiST (Aging Sensitivity Simulation Training)
and Dementia 24/7 Simulation Training Program.
We plan to expand our age-related simulation programs to ages 12 -25, to enhance empathy for seniors.

Hands-on program includes hearing and vision loss, neuropathy, balance, aphasia and dementia.

We will partner with youth based organizations and schools so trainings will be mobile. Completed surveys will determine if expectations are met.

Amount Requested: $6,500 – Donate
People Impacted: 200


MUST Ministries, Inc.
The mission of MUST Ministries is serving our neighbors in need…transforming lives and communities. MUST provides for basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and employment, along with children’s programs for summer lunches and holiday toy shops.
Program: The MUST Ministries Senior Citizens Food Delivery Program
Senior hunger is a growing problem in Cobb. Feeding America lists Georgia in the top 10 states for senior food insecurity (2016), and Cobb’s senior population is growing. MUST has a pilot project to deliver food monthly to 50 seniors in Marietta and Smyrna, and we seek to continue and expand this pilot project from 50 to 75 individuals in 2019.
Amount Requested: $10,000 / Amount Received: $5,000
People Impacted: 75


Special Needs

Autism Speaks
We are dedicated to promoting solutions across the spectrum & throughout the life span, for the needs of individuals with autism and their families through advocacy and support;increasing understanding and acceptance of people with autism spectrum disorder, and advancing research into causes and better interventions for autism spectrum disorder and related conditions.
Program: Family Services and Community Outreach
We plan to grow the Autism Response Team to provide
personalized support to people across the autism community as well as host town halls and workshops geared
toward increasing parents’ and guardians’ knowledge of the tools and resources available in their local community when planning for a child’s future
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 2,500


Cam and Madi’s Promise, Incorporated
We strives to ensure that every Special Needs family we serve is successful in securing the medical and therapeutic services their children often require through the Katie Beckett and NOW/COMP waivers.
Program: “C.A.M.P On the Green”
This is is an initiative to support Cobb County Special Needs families with financial assistance for the successful completion of their disabled children’s Medicaid waiver applications. It will provide $300 awards to 25 Cobb County Special Needs families to pay for psychological evaluations, medical evaluations and copies of children’s medical records that are required for submission with their children’s Medicaid waiver applications. Many families can’t afford the costs of these documents so they don’t apply for the waivers.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 25


FOCUS (Families of Children Under Stress, Inc.)
FOCUS supports families with children who are medically fragile or have significant developmental disabilities. We offer comfort, hope, and information to parents; accessible recreational programs for children and teens; prescribed medical equipment for medically fragile children; and fun inclusive activities for the entire family.
Program: Camp Hollywood
Camp Hollywood is a summer day camp in Cobb County for teens and young adults with disabilities. We will elevate this program with activities that promote increased socialization and independence for campers. Expanding the teen and young adult camp will build on the social and recreational activities we currently provide to include activities that foster skills of everyday living, such as self-care, exercise, healthy eating, and following basic instructions. To foster camper engagement, we incorporate themes from family friendly movies into all activities.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 125


Lekotek of Georgia
Lekotek of Georgia’s mission is to facilitate the inclusion of children with disabilities into their families, schools and communities by providing accessible play, adapted toys and technology, information and resources.
Program: Lekotek Family Programs
Parents of children with disabilities are hesitant to attend community events due to challenges of their child. Lekotek provides family events such as Happy Tails, music, holiday parties, museums, pumpkin patch and more. Knowing that our staff organizes these events lessens the concerns and encourages participation, often for the first time.
Amount Requested: $7,500 – Donate
People Impacted: 190


MDE School
At MDE School, our mission is to help children with language-based learning disabilities reach their full potential by providing individualized education, enrichment, and life skills training in a nurturing environment.
Program: MDE Special Needs Playground
MDE needs a new playground. We currently have a small open play area with no equipment. Our special kids need play structures to exercise, practice social skills, build gross motor skills, and fulfill sensory needs. The area will be enlarged and play equipment installed for varying ages and abilities. The grant will provide 2-3 pieces of equipment.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 65


Nobis Works, Inc., d/b/a Tommy Nobis Center
Tommy Nobis Center’s mission is Empowering People Through Employment. Since inception, we have continued to uphold the same ideal: Educate and empower individuals with disabilities, utilizing this as a catalyst for equality and inclusion throughout all communities.
Program: Tommy Nobis Center’s Early Youth Employment Services (EYES) program
The EYES program is an early intervention strategy, preparing students with various types of disabilities for professional success. Expansion of our school-based classroom instruction during the academic year, as well as our summer program, will provide a continuum of support to Cobb youth with disabilities and a more effective learning experience.
Amount Requested: $10,000 / Amount Received: $10,000
People Impacted: 250


Right in the Community
We are committed to promoting opportunities for all people with developmental disabilities to live full, productive, self-determined lives of the highest quality by fostering local communities which embrace all people.
Program: A Mercy Fund to fulfill numerous community emergency requests including emergency respite care, Hispanic program literature, and holiday, birthday, and emergency needs for 13 orphans in our 22 Cobb group homes.
This grant will fund emergency daily or weekly respite care for the developmentally delayed. Examples of emergency needs for respite care include necessary travel by the primary caregiver(s) due to a family illness or death, or even the unexpected death of the caregiver without a succession residential plan. We currently average 1 request per week. Our increased Hispanic population has also resulted in an increased need for program literature, and there is also a general need for funding for birthday and holiday gifts for the 13 orphans in our group homes.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 1,200


Special Needs Advocacy of Cobb Kids, Inc.
Our mission is to provide support for the families and the children identified with special needs in Cobb County. S.N.A.C.K endeavors to improve their life skills, their social and educational development and the overall quality of life while enhancing the abilities of family members to nurture and to support their special needs children-students.
Program: Expansion Project for program, organization and facility growth
In addition to the services S.N.A.C.K., Inc. provides, we would like to acquire a permanent home base for the organization. Office space would facilitate the safe storage of donated inventory, the hosting of activities such as awareness building and mentoring, life skill improvement training classes, and a base from which to better serve the Cobb county community.
Amount Requested: $5,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 100


The Georgia Ballet
The Georgia Ballet’s mission is to inspire the public through professional ballet performance, and to influence students through the positive impact of dance training and community outreach.
Program: With this grant, The Georgia Ballet will expand access to sensory friendly productions.
Sensory friendly shows are tailored to kids and adults with visual and auditory sensitivities. Opportunities to enjoy live performances are limited for those with disabilities. We want to increase our marketing budget and lower the ticket prices so that our performances are available to those with special needs, and those of a low economic status.
Amount Requested: $5,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 463


Vision Rehabilitation Services of Georgia (VRS)
Vision Rehabilitation Services of Georgia is dedicated to assisting individuals of all ages who are blind or visually impaired so they can function safely and independently in all environments.
Program: Vision Rehabilitation – Access Technology Training
Technology advancements have created new and improved opportunities for the visually impaired. Our clients of all ages are demanding more technology training. It is our most requested training program. Our Access Technology Instructors keep up with the latest developments. Our need is to provide a wider variety of tools for training.
Amount Requested: $8,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 133


Substance Abuse Treatment & Prevention

Davis Direction Foundation
The mission of the Davis Direction Foundation is to Fight Addiction and Fuel Recovery while serving as the national model for Building Communities of Recovery in the midst of a national heroin/opioid epidemic.
Program: The Adolescent Recovery Support Program
This program was created in February 2019 after discussions with the Cobb Department of Juvenile Justice approached the DDF to collaborate and offer services to adolescents. The Zone has created peer support groups for adolescents and parents to gain support for adolescent substance use. The Juvenile Court System will encourage parents and adolescents to take part in this voluntary program. The K-12 curriculum will be published & piloted in Marietta City Schools. It will be made available to all Cobb Schools in 2019.
Amount Requested: $10,000 / Amount Received: $5,000
People Impacted: 125,000


WestCare Georgia, Inc.
WestCare Georgia (WC-GA) empowers everyone with whom we come into contact to engage in a process of healing, growth and change benefiting themselves, their families, co-workers and community.
Program: WestCare Georgia CARES 2
WestCare Georgia’s CARES 2 Outreach, Education and HIV Testing Program provides free HIV education, counseling, and testing to adolescents and young adults age 12 to 27 to increase awareness about HIV and STD risk factors and treatment.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 600


Youth Services & Development

Celebrate Life International
Teach One to Lead One is a community mentoring program that teaches Universal Principles to lead at-risk kids into a life of purpose and potential.
Program: Cobb County Teach One to Lead One Juvenile Program.
The program will be for those kids who have been placed in the juvenile court system. We work closely with the court’s representatives to keep track of attendance and participation. We take attendance every week and send it to the court weekly.
Amount Requested: $5,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 75


Children and Family Programs at KSU
Our mission at CFP:
(1) to enact peacebuilding, conflict management, and development programming
and practice
(2) to increase the dissemination and effectiveness of behavioral interventions for
social and academic risk factors across multiple settings
(3) to train others to disseminate information and training in order to produce exponential growth
Program: Parental Engagement Program (PEP)
CFP will expand our Parental Engagement Program (PEP) to Dowell Elementary (Title I). PEP combines Community Parent Education Program (COPE) and Social Skills to equip the school with sustainable parental engagement while encouraging prosocial behavior. Dowell is attempting a $10,000 match and the community pledges in-kind space at their center.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 271


Cobb Schools Foundation
The Cobb Schools Foundation is dedicated to supporting, rewarding and enhancing the schools, staff and students of Cobb County School District.
Program: After 3 ASP
This is a program that is being expanded to provide longer periods of time covered by the K-5 scholarships, that help working families cover the daily $7 fee for afterschool care. CSF currently provides about 100, $200 ASP scholarships to working families, which covers about 28 days in afterschool care. With additional support, we can lengthen the time that our students can remain stable in ASP, which greatly increases parent job retention, keeps students safe, and can provide a setting for additional educational assistance
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 75


Communities In Schools of Georgia in Marietta/Cobb County
The Mission of Communities in Schools of Georgia in Marietta/Cobb County is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.
Program: Reality U Financial Literacy Program
Reality U Financial Literacy educates youth about personal finance in a highly interactive 75-minute simulation of life based upon their GPA. Students are given their potential career, income, family status, and must visit 12 booths (housing, insurance, childcare, utilities, entertainment, transportation, etc.) and create a working budget.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 1,250


Destiny’s Daughters of Promise
Our mission is to foster healthy relationships and empower girls to live a life of bold success. Our aim is to provide opportunities for young women to excel in leadership, community involvement, education, personal growth, and development.
Program: The Stop It Now Project
This project is designed to strengthen social-emotional, conflict management, and communication skills to reduce bullying and other forms of peer violence. We will expand our Stop It Now project by 50%. This will allow us to serve 150 girls during the 2019-2020 school year. These workshops will empower girls with life skills and teach them how to avoid becoming a victim of inappropriate and abusive relationships that too many of our girls find themselves in today.
Amount Requested: $8,395 – Donate
People Impacted: 150


Elite Women of Excellence (EWOE)
To unleash the full potential of teenage girls to make wise decisions as they stand on principles, passion, and purpose.
Program: Solutions to the Great Divide!
This program expansion will guide parents through the process of helping their daughters grow as they experience deliberate, intentional connections and interactions with them. Research shows parent engagement has a positive influence on student success and positive outcome regardless of socioeconomic level, race, or parent’s education level.
Amount Requested: $5,972 – Donate
People Impacted: 80


Family Kickstart Georgia
Family Kickstart Georgia is non-profit committed to working with at-risk youth and families through engagement, and resourceful learning. We are committed to promoting full and healthy functioning by empowering and meaningfully engaging youth and families through mentorship, literacy, adult education training, and access to opportunities.
Program: Family Kickstart Georgia (FKSG ) Youth Mentoring Program for the At-risk Youth to the community and Cobb County Schools.
Family Kickstart Georgia is a nonprofit organization that focuses on engaging families and communities in literacy programs, basic health programs, youth programs, and access to opportunities. We provide youth mentoring program to the At-risk youth in Cobb County Schools and we offer GED and ESL programs to the community.
Amount Requested: $5,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 105


HIS Camp, INC.
Our mission is to positively impact individuals from all walks of life through camp programming, leadership training and providing year-round facilities for recreation, community and spiritual growth.
Program: We will be expanding our IMPACT leadership training program to provide full scholarships to youth in need.
We will be expanding our Youth Leadership Development program to provide the means necessary for 5 additional youth to join in on our year-long IMPACT development program with a full scholarship.

Participants attend a Leadership Training Weekend in the spring, our 5 week-long summer camping program, and then Fall Connection to stay involved.

Amount Requested: $5,000
People Impacted: 5


Kidz2Leaders exists to break the cycle of incarceration by providing stability, opportunity and a Christian community for children of inmates.
Program: Camp Hope Program.
Camp Hope is a week-long overnight camp for the children of inmates. In 2018, we expanded our Camp Hope from one session to two, creating the capacity to serve more children and families than ever before at camp. Due to the need to serve more children, In 2019, we have added a third week of camp to reach more than 180 children and their families.
Amount Requested: $5,000 / Amount Received: $5,000
People Impacted: 300


Marietta Mentoring for Leadership
We match high-potential, under-resourced youth with community mentors and provide collegial experiences to encourage and support students to maximize their leadership and their personal, academic, and future success.
Program: Mentoring for Leadership Impact Program 2020
MML has had a small dedicated budget for leadership training and programming. The need is great to provide leadership opportunities for students and the mentors who work with them. The expansion will allow for more students to attend a weekend leadership retreat, workshops for students on a quarterly basis, and twice yearly sessions with mentors.
Amount Requested: $10,000 / Amount Received: $10,000
People Impacted: 1,000


Marietta Police Athletic League (PAL), Inc.
The mission of the Marietta Police Athletic League (PAL) is to prevent juvenile crime and violence by providing athletic, recreation and educational opportunities which create trust and build understanding between officers and youth.
Program: PAL’s new Summer Teen Enrichment & Employment Initiative; new Franklin Gateway Community Soccer Program; and expansion of transportation services from MCS schools to the PAL After School program.
PAL’s new Enrichment & Employment Initiative works with WorkSource Cobb to equip teens with essential life skills while they earn needed summer income. Expanding transportation from schools to PAL Afterschool will increase access to affordable youth sports & recreation and give Franklin Gateway youth access to PAL’s new community soccer program.
Amount Requested: $10,000 / Amount Received: $5,000
People Impacted: 155


Telecom Professionals for Social Responsibility
Telecom Professionals for Social Responsibility is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to meet the education, social and psychological needs of underserved youth ages 6-13 in Cobb county. Our programs will educate and instruct youth on the subject of bullying
and give them the tools to overcome this unacceptable behavior.
Program: Camp Integrity summer program
The camp will be increased to a 2 week experience for 100 youth. We encourage high self esteem, identify the many forms of bullying, social media, and discuss other important topics. Camp Integrity will empower youth in the South Cobb community with strength of character and enable them to become a positive influence among their peers. We will provide tools for social behavior to overcome a negative impact of bullying . The vision is to enhance the virtues of sincerity, respect, kindness, while negating the effects of bullying.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 100


The Center for Children & Young Adults
CCYA’s mission is to provide safe and suitable housing, youth development activities and comprehensive supportive housing services for at-risk youth who have been abandoned, abused, neglected and/or sexually exploited.
Program: Youth Budding Business Produce/Flea Market Stand
In partnership with Master Gardeners and supervised by an Education Gardener, at risk youth will plan, plant, harvest, package, price, advertise and sell produce. Funds support youth apprenticeships and equipment and supplies. Well being impacts include learned entrepreneurial concepts, nutrition education and fresh produce access in a county food desert area.
Amount Requested: $10,000 / Amount Received: $10,000
People Impacted: 250


VISIONful Communities, Inc.
The mission and purpose is “To equip Millennials, Minorities, and Women to LAUNCH, SUSTAIN, and GROW organizations that THRIVE in order to transform communities!”
Program: WeLAUNCHKids2-Their Ideas Today Become Businesses Tomorrow
Due to a need for alternatives for rising youth into the workforce, this expanded program allows 25 Cobb middle school students to turn community ideas into engaging videos that will be shared worldwide with opportunities for a business launch. 100 Cobb students will have access to entrepreneurial resources via a website and app for smart phones.
Amount Requested: $10,000 – Donate
People Impacted: 100