The Good Dog Fund

Bill Musial, President and Creative Director of Mopdog Creative + Strategy, and his wife Cheryl, wanted to start a family foundation to support intentional giving to non-profit organizations they are deeply passionate about. Also, they wanted an avenue for Cole and Zach, their two sons, to lead the process of charitable giving and selecting non-profits with causes that matter to them. They determined it was best to open a Giving Fund with Cobb Community Foundation vs. starting their own foundation, avoiding the management and expense of creating their own foundation.

The Musials are very clear in their purpose. The GoodDog Fund was created to improve the lives of children, support families in need and give opportunities to those who may not be able to otherwise afford them. The fund also allowed them to improve the lives of their own children. In fact, their story was so impactful that we interviewed Cole and Zach during our 2017 donor appreciation event, “Because of You.”

Due to a long-planned vacation, Bill and Cheryl were unable to attend personally, so they sent their good wishes to their sons and attendees with this video. Click below to watch.



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