The Avera Family

Andy and Kristy Avera have been making a difference throughout their adult lives.  Kristy has been a high school math teacher, had a career in law enforcement, and is now pursuing her law degree. Andy’s entire career has been focused on equipping his clients to be good stewards of their financial resources, and like all great advisors, he is leading by example.

In early 2017, Andy and Kristy established a Giving Fund (also called a Donor-Advised Fund) with Cobb Community Foundation.  The timing was particularly important, as Andy had left his former company and had to sell his company stock, with the result being a large capital gain.  They needed their charitable tax deduction in 2017 but also wanted to take their time in determining which non-profit organizations they wanted to help.  More importantly, their sons, Freddie and Henry, are only 4 and 1 right now, and they are looking forward to using their Giving Fund to help teach them about giving back.  The Giving Fund was the ideal vehicle to give them their charitable income tax deduction when they needed it but the flexibility of determining their charitable beneficiaries when they are ready.

While their fund is growing, both through investment performance and on-going contributions, Kristy and Andy are working on identifying the causes and organizations that truly resonate with them.  With the help of the Cobb Community Foundation and donor events such as “Passing Your Values Along with Your Valuables,” they are getting close!